The Thorough examination report is submitted to the owner / operator upon completion by the competent person; this is your proof that you have carried out your Obligations as the owner / operator of any lifting equipment .Reports should then be stored in a safe place.

Much like a MOT Report this details the inspection itself, Serial numbers, SWL’s , the date, the name of the person carryoing out the Inspection.

This report shall contain the following information as per Gov legislation 1:

1.  The name and address of the employer for whom the thorough examination was made.

2.  The address of the premises at which the thorough examination was made.

3.  Particulars sufficient to identify the lifting equipment including where known its date of manufacture.

4.  The date of the last thorough examination.

5.  The safe working load of the lifting equipment or (where its safe working load depends on the configuration of the lifting equipment) its safe working load for the last configuration in which it was thoroughly examined.

6.  In relation to the first thorough examination of lifting equipment after installation or after assembly at a new site or in a new location—

(b)(if such be the case) that it has been installed correctly and would be safe to operate.

7.  In relation to a thorough examination of lifting equipment other than a thorough examination to which paragraph 6 relates—

(a)whether it is a thorough examination—

(i)within an interval of 6 months under regulation 9(3)(a)(i);

(ii)within an interval of 12 months under regulation 9(3)(a)(ii);

(iii)in accordance with an examination scheme under regulation 9(3)(a)(iii); or

(iv)after the occurrence of exceptional circumstances under regulation 9(3)(a)(iv);

(b)(if such be the case) that the lifting equipment would be safe to operate.

8.  In relation to every thorough examination of lifting equipment—

(a)identification of any part found to have a defect which is or could become a danger to persons, and a description of the defect;

(b)particulars of any repair, renewal or alteration required to remedy a defect found to be a danger to persons;

(c)in the case of a defect which is not yet but could become a danger to persons—

(i)the time by which it could become such danger;

(ii)particulars of any repair, renewal or alteration required to remedy it;

(d)the latest date by which the next thorough examination must be carried out;

(e)where the thorough examination included testing, particulars of any test;

(f)the date of the thorough examination.

9.  The name, address and qualifications of the person making the report; that he is self-employed or, if employed, the name and address of his employer.

10.  The name and address of a person signing or authenticating the report on behalf of its author.

11.  The date of the report.

It really is that simple; You just need a Report of a Thorough Examination….. and if you really do just have a spare picture frame on the office wall that looks like in needs something in it, then ask if your inspection company can provide a certificate.

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