]So how often should you expect the LOLER Inspector to visit? What do the regulations state the Thorough Examination of lifting equipment should be?

Standards simply set a mimimum rate, however they do also note that a competent person may deem more frequent time scales:

  • Lifting equipment used for lifting/lowering persons should undergo an examination at least every 6 months.
  • Lifting accessories sould again be a minimum of every 6 months.
  • Every 12 months all other lifting equipment not falling into either of the above 2 categories.

As a Thorough Examination may need to cover both LOLER and PUWER we have attempted to put together a little generic reference guide for each individual piece of equipment, obviousley there is much more we could have included but for specialist areas you should consult an expert in your field.

Thourough Examination of LOLER and PUWER guide:

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